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Samantha Hunter grew up in the Finger Lakes Region and now resides in Syracuse, NY with her husband. She showed early interest in being a writer when she signed her name as the author of an encyclopedia when she was seven years old, which kicked off a distinguished secondary school career as a writer of stories about TV stars that she often shared with classmates. 


As an adult, Sam has published over 25 romance and mystery novels with new ones on the horizon. Her books have won numerous awards, including a RITA final with Romance Writers of America, have been translated into eight languages, and have been reviewed by publications like Publisher's Weekly, Affair de'Coeur, and Romantic Times

Sam loves to travel and is always inspired by the places she's been, sharing her experiences with readers through her stories. She is also a serial hobbyist and volunteers for local animal shelters (which means she's always trying to figure out how to take more dogs and/or cats home!).


You can find out more at her Samantha Hunter Books page on Facebook. You can also email Sam at samhunter@samanthahunter.com.


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