Samantha Hunter's Book List

Jul, 2004 Virtually Perfect
Mar, 2005 About Last Night ...
Dec, 2005 Fascination (Book one of the HotWires series)
Jan, 2006 Friction (Book two of the HotWires series)
Feb, 2006 Flirtation (Book three of the HotWires series)
Aug, 2006 Hide&Seek
Jan, 2007 Untouched
Aug, 2007 Pick Me Up
Dec, 2007 Talking in Your Sleep...
Jul, 2008 What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Jul, 2009 Hard to Resist
Oct, 2009 Caught in the Act
Oct, 2009 Barely There
Mar, 2010 I Wish He Might...
May, 2010 Make Your Move
Jun, 2010 Past Tense (Book one of the Sophie Turner Mysteries series)
Dec, 2010 I'll Be Yours For Christmas
Jan, 2011 Dangerous Magic
Apr, 2011 Two Perfect
Jun, 2011 Mine Until Morning
Dec, 2011 Once Burned (Book two of the Sophie Turner Mysteries series)
Jan, 2012 Straight to the Heart
Nov, 2012 Yours for the Night (Book one of the The Berringers series)
Dec, 2012 Hers for the Holidays (Book two of the The Berringers series)
Jan, 2013 His Kind of Trouble (Book three of the The Berringers series)
Apr, 2013 Tight Quarters
Jul, 2013 Bending over Backwards
Dec, 2013 One Hot Night (Book one of the Old Port Nights series)
Dec, 2013 Unforgettable
Feb, 2014 Unexpected Tempation (Book four of the The Berringers series)
Feb, 2014 Strangers On A Train, An Anthology
Dec, 2014 Wild Holiday Nights
Feb, 2015 Rock Solid

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